Venue: Bukkapatnam


Prabhat Rural Development Society had conducted a programme in Sri Sathya Sai Government Degree College ,Bukkapatnam. The programme is about “no violence against women and children”.


The violence against women is opposed all over the world through 16 days activism from November 25th to December 10th every year. As part of the programme the following acts are done.

  1. To create awareness about the violence women relating to gender.
  2. To arrange a forum in order to develop the plans against violence against women and help in developing new ideas to eradicate the violence against women.
  3. To bring international unity in all the rebilious acting for the welfare of works.
  4. To inform that it is the duty of the Government to abolish the violence against women and protect the women.

The rising of one billion people for struggle to eradicate violence against women and make the country as violence free country. The establishment of this programme was done in 1985.

In 1985, an actress name Eve Ensler had started an organization called V.Day on Feb 14th, 1985. The organisation works on the welfare of women. The V.Day was established in Newyork.

Rally with students, college staff and PRDS Staff

The aim and motto of this organisation was to compulsorily eradicate the violence against women and girls. In south Asia this programme is being conducted co-ordinalilely by “Sangat” organisation. In Andhra Pradesh, Asmitha Resource Centre for women has taken up the programme with the name of One Billion Rising Campign.PRDS is providing support for Asmita in the rural areas.

Motto: The population of the world is 7 billions of which half population is fearless. Out of these women for every three women, there is one women suffering due to violence. It determines that about 100 crores of women in the world are suffering due to violence.

So to eradicate the violence against women everyone should strive very hard. A famous social voluntary service representative Kamalabhasin spoke that violence is every where in world around us, in us, and within us. So, women should fight against the violence and make the society as a violence free society. So,every voluntary organisation should conduct 16 days activism programme in all the villlages and in towns from 25th Nov to 10th Dec.

On 14th, 2013 everyone have to participate in the 16 days motto succession and make a tremendous struggle to eradicate violence against women.

PRDS have organised the 16 days activism in different villages. As part of the programme PRDS conducted a meeting and rally in Sri Sathya Sai Governament Degee College-Bukkapatnam to provide awareness about violence against women.

In this programme, the following events took place Principal Sri.Suryanarana Reddy Garu spoke that women are getting forward in politics, socially and also in education. But they are still suffering from violence. It is the responsibility of every individual to eradicate the violence against women.

Principal Sri.Suryanarana Reddy, Mandal Development Officer Sri. Nageswara Rao Garu addressing in the meeting

Mandal Development Officer Sri. Nageswara Rao Garu spoke that in India much importance is given to the mother and women are of respected position in the world. But, women are being subjected to violence, gender discrimination, child marraisges etc.... Women are well forward in all the sectors but they are seriously being subjected to violence by men.

PRDS Counsellor Sreevani spoke that from Nov 25th to 10th Dec are the days in which the various programmes are conducted to determine the violence against women and to eradicate them. The women are given energy to fight against the violence by these programmes.

Girls tied white ribbons to boys for denoting peace

PRDS has conducted the rally with the help of Principal, Staff, MDO and nearly 500 Degree Students. “ stop stop violence- We want peace” etc slogans are made and were spelled out in order to make the rally more purposefull and all the men were tied with white ribbons denoting peace.

At the cente of Bukkapatname all of them gathered together and made pledge.

“ I will not bear or do any harms to women at any cost”. “In the coming days i will try to bring awareness atleast in 10 members about gender discrimination and violence against women.

The pledge was so encouraging that every one on the vehicals in the road have praised PRDS and Asmita resource centre for women about their social service activities.
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