In rural areas the illiteracy is adding fuel to the fire and many families could not avail the legal support from the Government institutions. We proposed to commence to counseling centre at Kothacheruvu mandal. Certain times even the simple issues in the families of rural areas are likely lead to the destruction of family institutions. These issues can easily be resolved at the counseling centers. Many rural people can avail this facility with out running after courts for justice.


Change patriarchal and other discriminatory social practices and belief systems that perpetuate all violence against women and enhance provision of appropriate support to women experiencing violence by State and non-State actors.

Objective of the Counseling Centre:

  • To provide multi-pronged support (Emotional, Psychological, Rehabilitation support to woman/child and provide one-point access to women/child, survivors/complainants of violence.
  • To liaison with referral services (Medical, Psychiatric and placement in institutions- Short stay homes)
  • To engage with youth in colleges and communities for prevention of violence against women and children.
  • To support and work with protection officers (WCD) in the PWDV Act cases.
  • To support and work with Child Welfare officers on issues related to children.

Roles and Responsibility of Counselor:

  • The social workers will work towards rebuilding violated women/child self esteem, self worth and dignity.
  • Provide immediate services in cases of domestic violence and atrocities against women and children.
  • Assistance in registering cases and criminal complaints and regular follow-up of the same.
  • Placement in institutions (Short stay homes, educational institutions)
  • Referral to other services including medical, psychiatric, educational vocational and legal aid.
  • Acting as a liaison between police, WCD and other organizations working for women and children.
  • The social workers shall maintain all records of cases and submit the reports on a monthly basis.
  • To make home visits for prevention of further violence on complaints/survivors.
  • To organize meetings in colleges and communities with the support of NGOs to prevent violence against women and children.
  • On child and Juvenile welfare issues social workers will liaise with child welfare officers.


  • Identify situations

Notice cues, Occasions, Locations where abuse has occurred.

Notice drug or alcohol signals, behavioral cues (Voice, Posture)

  • Identify Possible Escape Routes

Plan for quick exits, know best ways out of the house, rehearse.

Keep money, car keys, and house keys available for emergency exit. Prepare to remove children quickly and quietly.

  • Seek Protection

Inform children of how to make emergency calls

Inform neighbours of possible emergency calls.

Develop plan of where to stay (Family, Friends, Shelter)

Plan what to tell police.

  • Seek Support

Know woman’s shelter hotline number in advance

Know how to obtain an emergency protection order

Know location of closest hospital and how to get there

Identify persons who can accompany you if necessary

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